Industry Partners

Connects fitness clubs and health insurance companies through a proprietary process to automate incentives and rewards. Gymfarm aggregates data from wearable devices as well as home and gym equipment.
Inspire employees everywhere to love where they work by delivering meaningful savings and recognition in their workplace.
A comprehensive platform for managing employee benefits. With an array of solutions for well-being programs, pre-tax benefits and performance rewards, Thrivpass helps employees thrive so that your organization does, too.
Digital rewards are easy to send and awesome to receive with our Reward Delivery Platform, digital reward catalog and expert program support.
Offers corporate wellness and step challenges at competitive pricing. Participants are put on a virtual map routes to heighten the level of engagement throughout the competition.
Solutions are based on behavior change science and include: Assessment, goal setting tools, activity and incentive trackers, behavior change tools, evaluation and incentives.
Supports programs that deliver amazing employee experiences across three environments: Technology, culture and physical spaces, focusing on the wellness aspect of productive employees
Transforming primary care by putting health in the hands of consumers. We seamlessly connect people to clinicians to provide the best home examination and diagnosis solutions.
The value of augmented medicine. Developing next-generation general care, on-demand care and distance care technologies.
Higi gives consumers unsurpassed access to track and act on their health data through a network of over 11,000 FDA-cleared smart health stations and over 80 integrated health devices and apps.
The leader in human data science by collecting, studying, de-identifying and protecting the data, then linking the data to our advanced analytics to solve problems and think creatively with partners about how to drive helathcare forward.
Vida helps your population avoid and overcome chronic and mental health conditions. Each employee can select an individual Vida health coach or therapist based on health goals, desired coaching style, biometrics, availability and location.
Your employee wellness solution for creating meaningful change. Working with the individual in a meaningful way to help create a tomorrow that is a little better than today.
A totally unique online health eating lifestyle program. Spend less than an hour a week to learn how to eat right for you and get the easy food skills and personal support to turn it into a lifestyle you love!
Providing continuous access to personal health data from over 350 in-home medical devices and wearables-with a comprehensive toolset to administer and support programs as well as to manage device connections.
Tying all aspects of wellbeing (far beyond physical activity) together within a unified, integrated health-habit-improvement platform. Sonic Boom makes it FUN for employees (and their families) to improve their daily health habits together.
Utilizing information, analytics, care management, corporate wellness, and provider support to merge information and action toward improved patient health. Helping hospitals and employers refine their goals to achieve success in the new value-based world of healthcare.
An industry leader in labs, biometric screenings and innovations in science and technology to benefit patients, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, life insurance companies and employees.
The world’s leading health care diagnostics company.
The engagement and performance platform that harnesses behavioural psychology to unleash your workforce resilience, agility and full potential. From managing organisational change to increasing employee wellbeing, we provide a solution for some of today’s toughest business challenges.
Empowers you to make the most of your healthcare dollars and own your health by simplifying the health account experience and utilizing cutting edge technology and innovation to help you make sure you’r eon your way to a healthy financial future.